PGCE interview

Hi guys

Welcome back to another chapter in my life.
Yesterday i had my PGCE PCE interview. That was quiet nerve racking for me but who doesn't get nerveous for any form of interrogation  (unless your overly confident).

It was a nice lovely sunny weather throughtout day, as my interview was in the evening i had all day to prepare myself.

The interview consisted of 10mins presentation, 20mins questioning and 20mins free writing.

Heading for my interview their was traffic, a motorcycle crash and then all of a sudden haystones or ice falling from the sky. I mean this can't be good, the place was cold and to top it off i have the cold. So i was breathing and talking all through my mouth as my nose was blocked!

Surely i must have sounded like a frog!😂😂 but i did my best and i pray it is good enough to get me a place. Above all i never gave in and i never cancelled.

Never let a bad day put you off from reaching your targets, keep focus and stay bless 👍
Guess all i can do now is wait ⏳


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