Don't discriminate against the gifted.

Hi again

They say experiences open your eyes! This i have experienced working with disabled person.

A gifted person is one who has a uniqueness about them. These persons am talking may have one or more disability or it might just be a special talent. 

It is just surprising how people who aren't disabled cringe at people with disability. It is not good when you are being discriminated against just because you are different from the 'norm'.
That i have experienced by other people working with gifted children. You can see people staring, whispering and the bad looks, its not nice at all. Just imagine yourself in that persons shoe how would you feel if you were in their situation? I love working with different people regardless of their culture, background or whether they have a disability.

Sometimes people should mine their own business, give people the equal opportunity to enjoy their life just like you can in a fair way.

They don't need the discrimination and criticism, they have no control over their illnesses, if they did they wouldn't be the way they are.

The moral here is to love one another...
Blessing x


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