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Natural hair rediscovered

Natural hair journey. Rediscovering my natural beauty. Last year i did a big chop! Yes... Since then i have been going natural, as you can see in the photo (my hair looking so loco!) Well this is the length of my hair unbraided but when i washmy hair it tends to shrinks even further like drastically. Am not the type of person to spend hours in my hair, fixing and putting together unless of course its for an occasion or special outing (you know a lady got to look the part ). Wash and go...are quick and simple! (No blow drying). You probably would like to know what i used in my wash and go..right? I thought so. Wash and go list:
Coconut oil (100%)
Shea butter leave-in conditioner (smell so good)
Styling gel/products  (if needed) As simple as that you don't need tonnes of product for your hair. For styling i have tried Eco styler but to a very limited use it makes my hair dry and crunchy (can't deal with that sorry!) I don't know if that's because …

Job hunting

Job hunting can be one of the most daunting things you will ever have to do as an young person or adult, unless that is you live off welfare/government funding.So i have been in and out of many jobs mainly because after a while i am not interested , i have problems getting my pay or the correct amount of pay or i dont feel happy around the people i am working with/for or i have moved to another location.I for one hate the whole process of finding a new job but desperate measures calls for desperate action.Although with modern technology applying for jobs is so much easier nowadays. Simply upload CV and cover letter , however some companies do prefer application forms which is a little time consuming but it shows that you really want the job because you took the time to fill it out properly.These websites tend to be popular for job hunting and also and do think my perfect job will arrive in good time, one which i will love doi…