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PGCE interview

Hi guysWelcome back to another chapter in my life.
Yesterday i had my PGCE PCE interview. That was quiet nerve racking for me but who doesn't get nerveous for any form of interrogation  (unless your overly confident). It was a nice lovely sunny weather throughtout day, as my interview was in the evening i had all day to prepare myself. The interview consisted of 10mins presentation, 20mins questioning and 20mins free writing.Heading for my interview their was traffic, a motorcycle crash and then all of a sudden haystones or ice falling from the sky. I mean this can't be good, the place was cold and to top it off i have the cold. So i was breathing and talking all through my mouth as my nose was blocked! Surely i must have sounded like a frog!😂😂 but i did my best and i pray it is good enough to get me a place. Above all i never gave in and i never cancelled.Never let a bad day put you off from reaching your targets, keep focus and stay bless 👍
Guess all i can do now is wait …

Applying Army

Hi everyone After withholding my application for the AR for almost a year i finally did my pre-interview. It went better than i expected (informal if you like)So my role hopefully will be HR specialist  (Adjutant Corps SPS) then transfer into education . i am now looking forward to pre-training. Working on my running and fitness before actual selection. I can only hope for the best and be the best!What experience do you have of the Army?
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Don't discriminate against the gifted.

Hi again
They say experiences open your eyes! This i have experienced working with disabled person.
A gifted person is one who has a uniqueness about them. These persons am talking may have one or more disability or it might just be a special talent. 
It is just surprising how people who aren't disabled cringe at people with disability. It is not good when you are being discriminated against just because you are different from the 'norm'. That i have experienced by other people working with gifted children. You can see people staring, whispering and the bad looks, its not nice at all. Just imagine yourself in that persons shoe how would you feel if you were in their situation? I love working with different people regardless of their culture, background or whether they have a disability.
Sometimes people should mine their own business, give people the equal opportunity to enjoy their life just like you can in a fair way.
They don't need the discrimination and criticism…

From disappointment to appointed

Hi allWhat a beautiful day it is in the Uk. The sun is out, school is out (Easter break) and the flowers are cheerful. That can only mean one thing, yes its spring time. Today i have been given a new least of  life to start over again. Continuing from last blog my feedback was rather disappointing about the lesson i had taught (i didnt think it was as bad as i thought). So yes i was made to to feel discouraged but as it is my passion i will see it as constuctive criticism and build on it. That is the way forward. Is there a personality that is fit for a teacher? How would you discribe such personality?But all did not went bad that day i received a phone call for a new job opportunity and today i had the interview and looking to start immediately. So all did not go wrong sometimes things are just a learning curve ....learn from your disappointments, your wrong doing and the good thing in life. Be reflective and take one step further.Be postive and have a nice day!.

A BIG welcome!!!!

Hi Everyone.