From disappointment to appointed

Hi all

What a beautiful day it is in the Uk. The sun is out, school is out (Easter break) and the flowers are cheerful. That can only mean one thing, yes its spring time.

Today i have been given a new least of  life to start over again.

Continuing from last blog my feedback was rather disappointing about the lesson i had taught (i didnt think it was as bad as i thought). So yes i was made to to feel discouraged but as it is my passion i will see it as constuctive criticism and build on it. That is the way forward. Is there a personality that is fit for a teacher? How would you discribe such personality?

But all did not went bad that day i received a phone call for a new job opportunity and today i had the interview and looking to start immediately.

So all did not go wrong sometimes things are just a learning curve ....learn from your disappointments, your wrong doing and the good thing in life. Be reflective and take one step further.

Be postive and have a nice day!.


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