A BIG welcome!!!!

Hi Everyone.

This is my first blog post. I want everyone to feel welcome and comment if you like. I will respond to as much comments or messages.

lets start off with a little about the 'I' that is myself. So as you should know by now my name is Shani. I live in the West Midland, England. I am a Healthcare Assistant by profession, however my career aim is to become an English Teacher. I wanted to start blogging because I would like to express the way I feel, to share my experience and to build new friendship with people all over the World as i am a keen traveller.

I will try my hardest to post atleast one blog per week as i am new to all this, then gradually build up.
This week has been a busy week for me and i am run down literally speaking.
So basically I always wanted to join the Army since I was 19 year's old and i thought its either i do it now or never. So on Tuesday i went for the Army open evening and i really liked what the Army Reserve has to offer, so in May (next month) I will be doing my pre-training before the actual selection to know a bit more about what Army life is like and i will update you guys on how that goes.

As i said earlier i am a busy person but try to keep to a schedule. i know that can be hard at times because i do get carried away sometimes and go off track....at the end of the day we are human!

Today I have been to church and it was a wonderful service (haven't been in a long while) so i made the effort today to be with my God and now i am at ease...can i get a Amen!!!

as the weeks goes along i will let you guys know what's happening. if you have taken the time out to read this blog ...God bless you and your family.

Love always xxx


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